About Us


The Federation of Hong Kong Property Management Industry – FHKPMI. Established on September 29, 2010. With the efforts of consultants, former chairman and executive members, it has developed more than a hundred industrial institutions engaged in property management, facility management, security, cleaning and related property management, and has become a representative real estate service professional group.

Since its establishment, the Association has actively devoted to social services, organizing activities to create a communication platform for members, participating in government policy discussions, and holding large -scale consultation meetings for multiple times to “integrate into the community, benign interaction, brainstorm, and official cooperation”. We use the hearts of the industry and citizens into the parliament with a pragmatic attitude to improve the governance: committed to ensuring that small and medium -sized enterprises provide professional services in a fair and reasonable environment.

Achievements come from Unity. Tomorrow is in our Hands

At present, the Association faces four policies that have a profound impact on society and the industry in the face of the “Property Management Service Regulations”, “Amendment to the Regulations on Building Management”, “Standard Workers Legislative Legislative” and “Detailing Mandatory Provident Fund Hedging Mechanism”. The Legislative Council members of the Legislative Council have been kept in close consultations with government departments to provide opinions: I hope that you will pay attention to the news of the Association from time to time and provide us with opinions.

The Association welcomes the management facility management and related companies and related companies to join the members / affiliated members to work together to work together for Hong Kong’s economic development.

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